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Kildorrery Tidy Towns was formed in the early 1990's. Over the years we have entered numerous Tidy Towns competitions namely, the National Tidy Towns Competition, Ballyhoura Country Tidy Towns Awards and the Cork County Council Anti-Litter Challenge.

Kildorrery has consistently done well in TidyTowns and continues to improve year on year. Our goal is to make Kildorrery an outstanding place to live in and TidyTowns gives us the framework for that. As residents, you can contribute by taking care of both your own premises and surrounding areas, including:

  • Painting or power washing walls, fences, signs
  • Planting fresh flowers and hedging
  • Maintaining grass surfaces
  • Removing visible clutter from your premises
  • Picking up your pet's droppings when out and about

Kildorrery village and community is powered by community volunteerism and passionate belief of all, that we have a unique community in which our families and generations to come will have a special place to belong to and grow up in.

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